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band blog! forever in love with paramore and we are the in crowd.

(and some other bands too)


I’m screaming

So apparently there’s a ship name for Reagan and Amy called Reamy


That’s my last name lol

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We Are The In Crowd Outline Tees! →


Alright guys…I’ve come out with a new t-shirt design, hoping to have learned from my mistakes last time…

New WATIC Outline Tees designed by me! This time, it’s got the band’s name on it, not paramorons, so you won’t be wearing *my* blog.

Available in FOUR COLORS! (Black, Navy, Red, and Purple)

And also a bit cheaper at $16 a shirt!

I’ve also lowered my goal to 15 shirts, but if it goes over 15 that’s great!

AND there will STILL be a contest for this! Everyone who pre-orders a shirt will be entered to win their shirt for FREE, an 8x10 printout of the design, and their choice of a piece of artwork of evelinathoren's for FREE!

If that’s not motivation…I dunno what is!!

There’s 24 days left in this campaign, let’s try and get them all sold!!


Ahhh can we spread this around a bit? Pweeeeease and thank you 😊

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I couldn’t really get any pics of cameron or rob…Cameron was on the other side and rob was always moving and behind everyone else :(

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Happy Tay meeting fans…she’s so genuine and lovely. So incredibly grateful for each and every one of her fans!

(She even personalized mine & my cousins posters for us!)

(AND that orange pick is Jordan’s!)

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We Are The In Crowd at Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ) 10/18/14

Part II of my crappy cell phone pics lol

(#3 is my fave…mike tying his shoe)

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We Are The In Crowd at Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ) 10/18/14

Part I of my crappy cell phone pics lol

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#we are the in crowd  #WATIC  #tay jardine  #mike ferri  #cameron Hurley  #rob chianelli  #jordan eckes  #starland ballroom  #mine